Jeffrey Gitchel
Meet Jeffrey Gitchel

Jeffrey Gitchel began practicing law at K&L Gates before moving to Bayer Corporation. He has actively participated in or led numerous trials and other aspects of litigation, chaired cross functional committees and teams, served as a department head and helped lead international projects. Despite often serving at a location that was physically distant from his clients, Mr. Gitchel built effective connections with colleagues, resolved long-standing interdepartmental conflict and became a trusted advisor. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Gitchel prepared, filed and won World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. v. Bosman, the first case filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), oversaw the successful defense of antitrust allegations,and managed an ongoing groundbreaking suit to enforce foreign rights in the U.S.



There are numerous benefits to expanding your business internationally. It can mean accessing new markets, cutting production or sourcing costs, and more. There are, of course, also costs of international expansion. What can those costs be? Shipping costs? 

When it comes to your job or your business, who are you and who is your business? Are you the person who works at your job? Are you the person with political opinions? Are you the person you are at home, with your family and friends?  Of course, you are all these people. 

Maybe you’ve written an article or screenplay and want to submit it without fear that it will be used without your permission. Or you’re a struggling artist who hears someone else score a hit with a song you wrote. Or if you’re lucky, you’re a popular artist who learns that a politician you find abhorrent is using your song.